I work for Performing Arts Management at BYU, and as all the performing groups are returning from tour this week, I have been privileged to hear the remarks from the tour leaders concerning the success of the tours.

In speaking with these tour leaders, I have been able to realize the importance of what I am doing here. Sometimes it's so easy to get stuck in a perpetual rut of repetition, where we begin to question why we do what we do, and unconsciously fall into a frame of mind that it is all insignificant and meaningless. Sometimes our own thoughts to bring us into such a delusion.

We may not always realize that eyes are often watching us from many unseen vantage points, when we least expect it. One of the leaders said of the performers, "They knew who they were, they knew what they were doing and they executed it flawlessly. Lives were touched. So many lives are touched".

I think at times we underestimate ourselves. As humans, it is in our nature to do so. I think at times we fail to realize the extent of the power which we hold, and the greatness of which we are capable. I think that if we truly understood the range of our influence and mission in this life, we would not be able to avoid amounting to that kind of greatness - we wouldn't be able to avoid becoming the true gods and goddesses that we are destined to one day become.

Imagine a world where every child took every challenge they thought impossible, where every teenager disregarded the voice that said it couldn't be done. Imagine a world where every man and woman achieved what he had only dreamed of becoming, and regrets were washed away with the dignity of success.

I refer to is an ideal far from what we have constructed in this modern world, and I am not unmindful of the mistakes which are so prone to be made throughout life. That is just a part of life and progression. Yet, I don't doubt that we are excused from fulfilling our potential ourselves, even if everything around us dismisses its importance. On the contrary, I believe we have a stronger obligation to make that difference, and be that change, to reach that height of our greatness. Let us never forget this obligation, for so much, everything depends upon it.

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