Yellow Me

Yellow was the color of my first newly sharpened pencil.
Yellow were the blossoms that twirled to the earth each spring.
Yellow was the thread of my favorite sundress – the soft cotton that brushed my legs.
Yellow was the rippled topping of the custard I bought on the corner of Piccadilly and 47th.
Yellow was between the cracks of the family beach house.
Yellowed were the aged photographs of my English and Scottish ancestors.
Yellow were the morning rays that dictated each new beginning.
Yellow was the beat of the bass within my size six sneakers.
Yellow I saw every time I came home again.
Yellow were the traces of human connection.
Yellow was the mysterious.
Yellow was the hope of something beyond this and the charm of the ordinary contained within.
Yellow was in the delicate whisper of my first love.
Yellow was spontaneity.
Yellow was the tanginess at the tip of both tongue and cognition.
Yellow were the shades of twitterpation.
Yellow was the warmth of my mother’s womb, the jolt of life outside it.
Yellow was the brightness of opportunity.
Yellow was the space between hard work and luck.
Yellow were the footprints upon paths taken.
Yellow was the perfume of productivity.
Yellow was in the seams of experience.
Yellow were the chords that lifted my heart and drew my eyes heavenward.
Yellow echoed in chant of maybe’s and what if’s.
Yellow were the unspoken thoughts between a good friend and I.
Yellow was the crunch of fall leaves underneath my galoshes.
Yellow was the softness of my freshly cleaned sheets straight from the dryer.
Yellow was the feel of my hand in his.
Yellow was the aroma of Friday Morning.
Yellow was the loveliness of femininity.
Yellow is the beam of my sister’s laughter.
Yellow is the ideology of my truest heroes.
Yellow are the giggles of a child.
Yellow was the taste of unconditional, inexpressible love.
Yellow was my song.
Yellow saved me.
Yellow awakened me.
It was Yellow for which I longed during those nights that would never end.
It was for Yellow I refused to give in.
It is Yellow for which I have always fought.

© 2010 by Rachel Lowry. All rights reserved. {photo via wolfandwillow}

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