The Lives We Lead

This morning when I awoke, I asked myself this question: Does my living give added meaning to the live's of those around me? That's the core question, essentially. When all is said and done, doesn't it all boil down to something as simple as that? Is each breath of air that I take in worth the oxygen I used? Is every imprint I leave upon the heart of another a positive one? Do those around me benefit from the light I am able to give, or is it slightly covered some days by the blanket of doubt or distraction? I should like to be able to answer with a resounding 'yes!', but I must honestly admit that I'm quite there yet. Hence, I must remain content to recognize that, although we must never be satisfied with anything less than perfection, we must not stop short of our goal in discouragement of having not obtained it. Herein lies the contradiction that we must once again reconcile between. And oh, how wonderful it will be once we have obtained it, many breaths after this life.

@ 2010 by Rachel Lowry. All Rights Reserved {photo via: vi.sualize.us

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  1. Hey Rachel! Hope you're doing well!!! Did you graduate this semester or are you still in school? I wasn't sure so I thought I'd ask!