The Secret Life of Daydreams

Beneath the mundane of day-to-day events,
Beyond the solidity of moment-by-moment happenings,
Behind the veil of seemingly transparent dealings
            Lies a secret life of Daydreams.           

Come, come away with me
and together we’ll tiptoe barefoot beyond the edge of our dreams.
We’ll gallop through the unmarked terrain of our skies
and peer into the pools of the unknown,
casting ripples upon the stagnation of our fears.

Together we’ll shout the battle cry of viva, viva
And whisper melodious secrets into the ears of children.

We’ll slow dance with Shakespeare
And fly with Pan and Wendy.
We’ll feast upon French pastries with Poe’s delusionaries,
twirling against fiery horizons with the Bronte sisters.

After spending a day with dandelions,
We will compose symphonies of unrehearsed serenades
that sound like drops of honeydew sprinkled upon a golden sunrise.

Herein lies the secret life of daydreams.

© 2011 by Rachel Lowry. All rights reserved. {photo via: vi.sualize.us}

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