Do you know where you are?

It's 9:13 a.m. on a Saturday Morning, of March 26, year 2011. Do you know where you are?

Have you shrunk beneath the layers of a full schedule, or have you given them air to breathe, apart from your vigorous pulse? Have you strayed to find your soul between the lines of endless to-do lists,
or have you doted them your peripheries? Have you given yourself up to the conformity of le beau monde? Or does the vivacity of the ordinary still sustain you?

Are your belongings heaped across the room, in disarray, or do they neatly line your nearly-empty closet? Have you saved the top drawer for another day, or is it left half open to the rush of oxygen, since you last prodded through it?

Do your second thoughts mock your dreams, or have you sent them to a cold, dark room in the basement? Do your priorities leak from the basin of judgement, or do your justifications indulgently wait in line for their turn? Is the curtain of your fancies drawn, or have you held it closed, eagerly peeking out at the world beyond?

Can you smell victory growing on vines outside your window? Can you feel hidden strength running through your fingers? Can you taste the sweet mixture of altruism, as it dissolves against your tongue? Can you see yourself, truly for what you are? And the more important question is, where will you be at 11:57?

@ 2011 by Rachel Lowry. All Rights Reserved.

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