The Invisible Children

Good morning, friends! As of late, I have been been working to help get the word out for the Day of Hunger. Through the Invisible Children movement, I have become aware of the agony of Africa, and yearned to become a part of this generation of hope for those beautiful people. I stumbled upon this event via Facebook, and was intrigued by my friend Tasha’s passion for such a simple, but crucial cause. I was thrilled that there was something small I could give, in my position, that can directly help.

It's simple. For the next week, until next Thursday, share the news with any and every breathing human being you come in contact with. Send them on over to our blog, (here)On March 24th, join us in going without food from midnight to midnight.

Next, pledge the amount of money you would have spent on that food by writing it on our Facebook wall or emailing dayofhunger@gmail.com. And finally, donate the money that would have gone to feeding yourself to the World Food Programme, a globally recognized organization that fights hunger around the world. Give whatever you can. Every penny helps! I look forward to standing with you on March 24th, to live, one day, as they have only known all their lives.

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