Guilty Of

—Putting on a show of highlights from the My Fair Lady soundtrack when I supposed myself alone in the office last night, to discover by an amused (if not entertained) downstairs tenant, I certainly was not.
—Eating an entire box of stovetop mac and cheese for dinner. Three days in a row. 
—Spending four hours in bed this Saturday morning with Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.
—DI runs each evening to peruse the books sections.
—Sporting red lipstick during house cleaning.
—Wearing dresses in October. 
—Admitting to absolutely no regrets.

@ 2011 by Rachel Lowry. All Rights Reserved {photos via, post inspired by her and her}


  1. I spend hours in bed on a Saturday morning too. Sometimes it's just needed.

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  3. Rachel...you have talent! The words you use and the pictures you always pick are perfect!

  4. Thanks, Pablo. How have you been? It has been far too long. ;)

  5. Don't you just love those Saturdays? I guess I am kind of like you in a lot of aspects except wearing dresses on chilly fall mornings and swiping on red lipstick before cleaning the house...haha.
    I am still in Provo working on my master's hoping to graduate this next April or August. I got a job analyzing/modeling water quality parameters at deer creek. It's a lot of fun.
    What are you doing these days? and Where are you!??

  6. Wow, way to boldly take things head-on. Dear Creek would be a neat place to work. I'm actually in Holladay, nowadays, working as a Paralegal in a Criminal Defense Firm, while I save pennies for grad school.

  7. I always admired your ambitions. I hope you achieve all your goals. I think you were planning on going to Columbia for gradschool right?
    Criminal defense firm? That's awesome.
    We should catch up sometime. If you are ever around Provo let me know, I'll plan something nice for my old home teachee. I think Alex and Sara also want to have a party at their new house soon...you should go.