Project Photo Palooza

If you were to ask me what today was composed of, I would tell you it began with a strong desire to smell my mother's perfume and ended with a newfound determination to eat my veggies. But if you really wanted to know what was in that day and what part of that day defined me, I might also tell you it began with my outmoded black and white Ikea alarm clock and ended with the pattern of my new black lace stockings. 

The emergence of 2012 has brought me to wonder: what is in one year? Well, within a year there is love, there is pain, there is renewed self-definition, there are leaps, there are collisions and there is laughter. Much laughter. But there are also many other things. There is the string of pearls I bought at a thrift store and wear weekly, there is the shiny new yellow paint on the nearby highway and the way it fades within a month, the indented F6 key on my Mac laptop, the fur neckline of my favorite green peacoat. There are the birds I send into flight each morning with the bang of my car door, the stark white sheets on my bed and the stapler that stands on my work desk with me for nine hours each day.

Is it possible that one year, one slice of one lifetime, can be weighted, assessed, evaluated, if you will, by the little things surrounding us, those seemingly insignificant manifestations of the ordinary in our lives that seem to give light to the mundane itself and find in it an unforeseen beauty?

Well this, friends, is the new project I present. At A Year Through a Lens, we will capture through the lens, an image of each day of a life in one year. Feel free to check us out. Happy blogging!

@ 2012 by Rachel Lowry. All Rights Reserved {photo source unknown}

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