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I hope you having a great Memorial Day. What fun a link off this holiday affords:

A song for those taking work off for the holiday.
A little anecdote for those still in the office.
—Plan a memorial day party.
Six influential literary contributors who died in 2011.
—Figment writers share their short stories on memorial day.
—How endearing is she? If only we could all start our mornings this way.
—The Semi-Great Gildersleeve reflects on the travesties of war.
A Memorial Day poem by Longfellow at The Atlantic.
These are all the rage for any event.
—Memorial day sales kick off with GAP.
This book is spreading across blog posts like wildfire. I don't think it's because people like the office.
—I love everything about this chance collection. Give me some sandals, red-and-white stripes, and watch me go.
Memorial Day will never be the same.
—Considering watching this today.

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