Losing Sleep

The day has come to a close. The rush of the momentary necessities have at last subdued into the serenity night so often lends. As I slip into my covers, I sink into the refreshing smell of detergent between the crisp, clean linen. I pull my blankets around me and bury my head into my pillow.


One might think that this would be the perfect time to sink into a deep sleep, transported to another time and place where all my greatest fears are heightened, and my wildest dreams realities. But no, not just yet.

Still as the pages in a dusty book, my body welcomes the lingering silence of the night. But my overactive mind, on the other hand, is spinning with as many ideas communicated on the pages of that book. It plunges into a series of questioning and reckoning of the world around me. All day I act and react, but at night, I make sense of it all, analyze it, pick it apart, question it, and form theories about it. At times, I relish this process, while at other times it can be an exasperating impediment to my precious sleep time. Herein lies my pleasure and my plight.

@ 2010 by Rachel Lowry. All Rights Reserved {photo via: vi.sualize.us}

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