Upon Return

After the enjoyable chaos that traveling Europe induces, I have finally found the time to sit down and re-enter the blogging world.

I assume, or at least hope, it's apparent that my excavation to Dover back in September really was not the last thing I have done. More has happened in the past three months than I think has ever happened in the course of my lifetime. While the consequence of the passing of time is usually one of change and progression, the past three months' experience in this Arcadia have been in hyperdrive in terms of progression; London has allowed me to find that missing piece of myself that makes me one step closer to the person I want to one day become.

In being subject to a different way of life, London had become a launching pad from which I will always bear a newfound interest in and love for culture and humankind, in general. These enriching and eye-opening adventures in these new and different places have allowed me to truly find myself, expanding my understanding within and exposure to this vast world in which we live.

I suppose I address only those hardcore readers who have stuck with me through my drop off the face of the planet for an entire three months. All I have to say is I missed you. And I am back.

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