One Hundred

I've reached my 100th post. I suppose it's a bit of a monumental achievement in the blogging world. Let me just say what a wonderful outlet of expression this little blog (created on the whim of a rainy Tuesday) has been.

It has really altered myperspective, seeing me through the highs and lows of college life, giving me a reason to see the beauty and charm in the ordinary and make sense of the world around me. It has helped me realize how perfectly lovely the little things are, and helped me to see that each destination, each pivotal landmark we reach, whether small or great, is, truly, beautiful. Inspired by two awesome bloggers, Kitty and Naomi I have listed 100 things that make me terribly happy.

1. Conspiracy theories
2. How perfectly lovely I feel when wearing a sundress and ballet flats
3. Tea parties in pubs or in my living room
4. Worn hardwood floors
5. Jumping in giant rain puddles with red galoshes
6. Nights with girlfriends when I laugh so hard my tummy hurts
7. Shopping at thrift stores
8. Receiving mail
9. The grace of the french language
10. Dancing while mopping the floor
11. red velvet cupcakes
12. Playing the piano as fast and as loud as I can when nobody is home
13. Romanticism
14. Sweet, stolen kisses
15. Barefoot summers
16. The security that being wrapped in a blanket three times my size brings me
17. Reading for hours at a coffee shop
18. Twirling
19. Aviator sunglasses
20. The sound of the beach
21. Being twitterpated
22. Peppermint tea
23. Heels
24. Confessions
25. Cooking in the kitchen with my Mom and sisters
26. Old tree swings and treehouses
27. Having freshly painted toenails
28. lilacs in the springtime
29. Midnight phone calls that last for hours
30. Vintage photographs
31. Picnics in the living room
32. Dancing and singing in front of the mirror when I'm getting ready with my roommates Sunday morning
33. Knowing someone misses me
34. Wedding photographs
35. A special glance
36. Good conversation
37. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep
38. Making new friends
39. Spending time with old ones
40. Boots. Boots. Boots. How I love me some city boots
41. Knowing you’ve done the right thing, no matter what others think
42. Finishing a paper I know is well-written
43. Metropolitan ideals
44. Photobooths
45. Pretending I am legit enough to twirl en pointe
46. Audrey Hepburn movies
47. Public transportation
48. A beautifully-packaged box of Godiva chocolates
49. A smile from a stranger
50. Travel
51. Dressing up for an occasion
52. Dressing up with nowhere to go
53. Sand volleyball in the summer
54. Clean sheets that still smell like laundry detergent
55. Disney movies
56. People watching at the airport
57. Muddy Buddies!
58. The freshness of newly-vacuumed carpet
59. The thrilling moment before the curtain rises with you behind it
60. Keeping secrets
61. A contagious smile
62. Messenger bags
63. Farmers markets
64. Making lists
65. Crossing items off the list
66. Change (Good change)
67. Musty, multi-leveled bookstores with rows and rows of old books spilling from the shelves and scattered upon the floor
68. The feeling of invincibility after a good run
69. Reading beside a crackling fire while snow falls gently outside my window
70. Laughing. Uncontrollably
71. Every romantic delicious and artistic thing about Europe
72. Jane Eyre
73. The satisfaction of reading the last page in a really good book
74. Cookie Dough. MMMMM. The following cookie-making step rarely happens
75. Unexplainable mysteries
76. Enrapturing conversation that leaves me in the highest of spirits and with newfound epiphanies
77. Organization
78. Degas’s ballerinas
79. Cathedrals
80. Lemonade stands
81. The way my heart rises with the resonance of a bow across violin strings
82. Pretending to be grown up
83. Playing with children who remind me that I don't always have to grow up
84. Tea shops
86. Fingering the strings of my beautiful guitar {whom I haven't been able to name yet}
87. People who are passionate about life
88. cruising with the window down and the music up
89. Waking up to a thunderstorm
90. Journaling
91. Daydreaming when I should be doing something I deem to be less significant
92. Vintage anything and everything
93. Sweet dreams
94. Long heart-to-hearts with Mom
95. Cold, creamy milk
96. Hot showers
97. The climax of a good song
98. Raspberry picking
99. Cherry blossoms
100. Writing, writing, writing

@ 2010 by Rachel Lowry. All Rights Reserved. 

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