Wed (nes) day

Good morning, folks!
Dare I mention that I smelled fall this morning?
Well, I did. It taunted me as it came to my nose
and brought goosebumps upon the surface of my once-smooth legs, before it gripped one of the weaker leaves already turning yellow on an old oak tree I pass every morning to get to school.

The leaf quivered for a moment,
before the rays of an 8:30 sunrise
chased it away, but not without
the crude reminder that
its days are numbered.

However, I'd rather not think of such things. Today is Wednesday. My Wednesdays are always in want of a little remedy: a day squeezed between the chaos of Tuesday and the mundane of Thursday, heading for the relief a weekend so often brings, but not quite there yet. 

@ 2012 by Rachel Lowry. All Rights Reserved.

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