Behind the Curtain

The audience mills about in restless anticipation. having found seat 21, section k, on the balcony. Attendees examine their program, size up the room dimensions, against whispers of mutual adulation.

The scuffle of performers can be heard; but nothing more than the tips of toes can be seen behind the silk red curtain, where the director's dimples fit comfortable into the wrinkles that years of smiles have left upon the corners of his mouth. He is content, observing the closure of half a years' work. Whether it be scattered cellists plummeting discordant passages of Bach's Concerto, or a swarm of excited dancers stretching at the bar.

The curtain rises and the blinding lights warm my upturned cheeks as the spectators slip toward the edge of their seats. I deeply breathe in and out before the music begins, the voices expand, the figures shoot across the stage.

Join us to see what lies behind the curtain of the DeJong tonight at 7:30! The University Chorale will be performing a number of Christmas pieces: traditional, as well as some killer soul music. Hope to see you there.

© 2010 by Rachel Lowry. All rights reserved. {via: Belinda Strodder}

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