Surviving Finals 101

Tip # 1 - one test at a time. just keep chugging along.
Tip # 2 - Let's be honest, nap time and snacks haven't lost their appeal since kindergarten. Tell yourself you can play guitar, hit the frozen yogurt shack down the street with friends, or stretch to Enya, if you study for a set amount of time.

Tip #3 - yes, a shower counts as a break. thank heavens.

Tip #4 - I hear exercise, sleep and eating right actually increases your brain's capacity to retain information. While sleep deprivation has become somewhat of a standard for me lately, I'm considering giving it a try. They say it works.

Tip #5 - pulling the all-nighter? Cookie dough is your saving grace. {Yes. I am aware that this tip coincides with two points of the preceding tip}

Tip #6 - Christmas music is both an incredible motivator and a drastic concentration killer for the studying student; play at your discretion.

Tip #7 - get rid of distractions. As entertaining as it is to watch the Halo addict throw a tantrum on YouTube, he's not going to teach you anything about the mechanisms of post-modernism in the 20th century novel. Unless you have a very ingenuitive mind.

Tip #7.5 - blogging is a shameful distraction and should be shunned with the utmost vigilance. ;)

Tip #8 - sometimes the more studying you do for an exam, the less sure you are as to which answer they want, but don't let them fool you; you know more than they think. In fact, you know more than you think.

Tip #9 - would you study harder if you knew that each five minutes of studying is equal to one point on your final?

Tip #10 - breathe. You've got this.

Good luck, friends! Happy studying.

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