Day threehundredsixtyfive: new years day {nyu/yîr/dey}

I anticipate the countdown of celebrants who become united in a moment as they shout the epic countdown. I watch the world count the seconds that, unbeknownst (and most likely of little significance) to them, also signals the birth of one girl among the throng of people. As I will be turning twenty three when the clock strikes midnight and the balloons fall from the ceiling, the last moments of my twenty second year will not (in the words of my man Eliot) go out with a whimper, but a bang.

Such festivities pose the question of how one measures a year. 360 times your head touches the pillow; 556,600 thoughts crossing your mind; 7,884,000 breaths; 56,200 sighs; 650,000 steps; 23,000 times your favorite songs comes on the radio.

What will you make possible this year? What boundaries will you transcend? What triumphs will you conquer? What talents will you master? What will you rise above? And how will you find what you're looking for?

© 2010 by Rachel Lowry. All rights reserved.

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