Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers

lets be adventurers.

let's transcend beyond the everyday routine for something grand, something bold, something they have told us is not yet possible.

some days, darling, we may need to uproot adventure in the mundane, peddling furiously between the pang of the uneventful, to defy the chasms of repetition and monotony.

but most days, we will stumble upon it without effort, stealing away into the night as self-proclaimed vagabonds, buccaneers, or runaways on a grand heist of Homeric valor and courage.

let's find a place where time is the ample liquid trickling endlessly between our fingers, and loss a mere preference.

let's create a place where alarm clocks elicit twirls & trigger dimples, and our dreams aren't nearly as majestic as reality.

oh darling, these boots were made for so much more than just walking. 

post inspired by her @ 2011 Rachel Lowry. 
All Rights Reserved.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I have a severe case of wanderlust and I can't help but say every day that I am so much more than this provincial life.

  2. You and me both, my friend. Oh, the chasm between that 'so-much-more' and what is! I suppose narrowing it is what this whole living thing is really all about, isn't it?