on moving forward

i can hardly believe its been twelve years since the day
on this period of twenty four hours
this day that seems to come closer every year

though the memory of it slips farther away from our grasp
this day that stands at the crest of a new season
a coincidence i find not so fortuitous  

i think i speak for many of us when i say
we can feel the ground beneath us shifting
change...more markedly found between the lined pages of our notebooks
or between the margins of our books is underway

yet as i reflect on the effects of that day
and call to mind the chaos of that sunny morning
in juxtaposition with the stillness of this days murky cold dawn
i am made more aware of the constancy
of our nation than the change

the capacity that a body of individuals has to
soldier on when their counterparts will not
and the ability to retain a constancy in something that itself has changed
to hold on to some things in a world that hungers for and demands alteration

and though the men and women who gave up
more than we can even comprehend
that day deserve a recognition that is beyond words
i also commend the rest of us who have sought to build upon that
and make something of the loss

and while many things set before us this season look to
renovation and modification and new ways of being
can we all silently squeal for the new apple iphone
and hold our breaths as the election moves forward

i appreciate the fixedness of this nation
and the permanence of our values
the consistency of our perseverance
to compensate for the voids we have
both as a whole and as individuals

that most certainly deserves a tip of the hat
to many who may not be too long gone to reciprocate

© 2012 by Rachel Lowry. All rights reserved.

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