The Punctuation Challenge

 He wanted to go to lunch, but was side-stepping the question.

"How are you?" He wondered. "How was your day?"

I had given my number, against my better judgement, so I wasn't surprised when the text came through.

Though letting a stranger in on the minute details of my day seemed fairly unorthodox, my misgivings more strongly arose with the text itself. "Three ellipsis used in place of a period. One misspelling. No punctuation."

"Too atrocious," I told jess during lunch. "Not only overused, but wrongfully placed."

"You're being ridiculous. Nobody punctuates in text," she had submitted, though two others sided with me. "Atrocious."

"I'll bet you couldn't go one week without using a punctuation mark," she challenged.

And so the bet is on: no punctuation save the repugnant and ill manipulation of the ellipses I so purport to disdain

pardon me dear readers...for what i am about to do

© 2012 by Rachel Lowry. All rights reserved.


  1. Hahahaha! I love this!

  2. I am So. Incredibly. Sorry. Forgive me, when your text arrived yesterday, I didn't know what you were going through. This must be a horrendous ordeal for you. Be strong, darling. As strong as a period at the end of a well-structured sentence. Keep your chin up and know that, while you are struggling with unclear conclusions and vague resolutions (we'll have to work on redundancy), you can sleep well tonight knowing there are many in this illiterate world who are using punctuation as they should. This. Is. For. You.

    Thinking about you in this difficult time.

    Always yours, your literary product and slave,