Little London Town Isn't So Little After All

I have arrived in London. Nestled between two gold-lined flats just off Kensington Gardens stands 27 Palace Court. Here I will live for the next five months. Seven of us share a large room with windows that open onto the street. It seems more like a film set than a utilized locale. We dropped our bags and headed out because, well, we little care if our shampoo is in the shower or if our shirts are on hangers. We're in London.

We got lost on the Tube and meandered through the entanglement of small streets. I don't mind getting lost here; I enjoy getting all mixed up in it, and within hours, I have already developed a heartfelt adoration for this bustling city and historic gem. It is funny how a place can feel like home though you never before set foot there.

I dare say it will be nearly impossible (also with the little resistance I will employ) to return without a little bit of that thing we call class. One can hardly spend five months in a country such as this without learning something of propriety and poise, especially considering that we will be delving into studies in Shakespeare, painting, Victorian literature and religion.

Until further word, I bid adieu as your adventuring pen(wo)man.

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