Just for Tonight

Tonight, dearest friends, I ask for not only your ear, but also your shoulder. You see, as I attempt to piece together the wild thoughts of my teeming mind, I address you with a solemnity that can only come from those things we can hardly shape into vowels, or put into words. It's a feeling, a thought, a suspicion which has driven me to reckless attempts to make good in a battle of colliding shades of grey.

When I was young, my sense of morality (though a quivering droplet hewn from the rifts of a great ocean) drove me to freely choose abandonment in one pivotal instance. For years, I would grapple with and attempt to make sense of my decision and the ramifications that followed. This week has brought on a slew of questions and re-assessments of certain assumptions under which I operate.

As always, the gentle and delicious words of Ms. Charlotte Bronte soften my discontent:

I have no conclusion, for some things cannot be wrapped neatly into a package. Some things must be left to grow, expand, and perhaps one day, sprout wings.

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  1. Can I just say that your blog is so inspiring, artistic, and dare I say...hipster!!! Eloquently written, visually appealing... I'm a fan and as of today a follower!