London Town

I am thrilled to announce that I was accepted to the Fall Study Abroad Program in London, England, a program I feel will help further my interest in British literature and communications studies. The following is my letter of intent:

I have always been intrigued by the power of communication through language, and I continue to be more and more captivated by its ability to alter one's perception of the world. After diving into an especially well-written piece of literature, I find my world has shifted, and nothing is really the same. Since I learned to read the most simple of words, I have been drawn to the wit and eloquence of Austin's dialogue, the depth of Donne's poetry, and the intensity of Woolf's poetic vision. My passion for reading and writing has only grown in my study of English at BYU. I couldn't imagine anything more thrilling than to walk on the same cobblestone streets where the great pillars of literary achievement once stood, from which myriads of classical literature has sprung. The experience of studying Shakespeare's intricate works on the same ground in which they were performed and even inspired would be unforgettable. To walk through the very park in which Woolf may have strolled, possibly pondering the ideas that would eventually shape history as we know it would be unforgettable.

In addition to literature, I am drawn to other components of London culture. I have acquired a keen interest in the traditions, commerce, arts, history, and people of London. My fascination with the European culture has only grown with my study of the French language. Within the London Study Abroad Program, an excursion to Paris would be tremendously exhilarating to me, as I find the classical and historical elements of French culture very charming.

I am currently an English major, aiming to pursue Graduate School or Law School. The opportunity to study in London would be beneficial to my future education, as it would provide practical educational experience and cultural immersion that would expand my understanding and exposure within the real world. Familiarity with the people and culture of London would additionally enhance my writing skills, by significantly broadening my perspective and style. I would like to apply such skills and distinct experience to advance my writing career in the desired direction and further strengthen my professional opportunities. This program would allow me to further develop a pattern of life-long service and spiritual growth, as well as strengthen my character.

The opportunity to study in Europe also appeals to me, as it is the origin of my ancestors. Through this experience, the stories I have been told of the hardships they faced, the triumphs they felt, and the lives they lived would become real to me.

I think I would be an asset to the program as I would bring with me an enthusiastic outlook and a passion for learning. In contributing to discussion, I would offer distinct insight and perspectives. As a member of this group, I would seek to demonstrate and represent the moral virtues encompassed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would be thrilled to take part in this opportunity to join with others in enhancing our scope of experience and increasing our knowledge to share with the world.

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